About Us

Hello! I am Alecca Khater Founder of L'aleka

Alecca Khater’s passion for crafts traces back decades. An artisan at heart, she has been creating unique handmade pieces since 1999, and every item she designs tells a story. Combining her love for art, embroidery & crafting, what started off as a hobby slowly grew into a regionally renown brand. Alecca continues to share her passion with like- minded people, and has built a community of stay at home women, helping them to explore their talent from the comfort of their home, and gain further financial independence. Her work has been showcased at various pop up exhibitions across Lebanon and in the GCC region, where she has amassed a large clientele ranging from artists, to entrepreneurs and fashion influencers. Every creation has a purpose. In a world used to mass production, each product line that L’aleka tends to create starts with a story and intensive research process that digs into the traditions and history of raw materials used.


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