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14 Best Free Logo Design Software for PC [] – Movavi – Top 12 Free Logo Maker Software in 2022 – Reviews, Features, Pricing.

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DesignEvo is also great for novices who want a fast way to create a logo.

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The best free logo maker offers a great introduction to your journey in design, before dropping dough on a full app. But you may never need to spend any money, as the top free logo maker apps we’ve put together in this guide have enough features and quality you may need. While you wouldn’t use one for a paying client, a free logo maker is just the thing when you need to come up with a simple logo, fast, whether you’re testing out ideas for a project or need something quick for a presentation.

The ones in my list are excellent and offer a great finished logo for beginners and hobbyists, as well as a starting point for pro designers. I’ve found a selection of the best free logo makers around, ideal for generating simple designs when you don’t have the time or inclination to break out Illustrator CC.

All of them are easy to use, and some even come with their own tutorials, which means that if you don’t actually know how to design a logo , they’re a brilliant way to learn the basics. Some of the software has been reviewed hands-on see how we test software for more , and we’ve assessed the programs for ease of use, functionality and more. Where we haven’t tried them out, we’ve rigorously evaluated reputation, specs and customer reviews. You may find yourself restricted in terms of file format and image size if you’re determined to stick to the free option.

While all the logo makers I’ve listed here enable you to create a usable logo for free, you should bear in mind that the majority of them also have paid options, and that some features are only available to paying users. What this usually means is that you may find yourself restricted in terms of file format and image size if you’re determined to stick to the free option. These free services tend to be online and in-browser; we also have a best free logo designer software post that includes downloadable programs, as does our guide to the best free graphic design software.

Here I’m looking exclusively at the best free logo makers, but if you’re serious about logo design then you should definitely consider spending some money on it. Even on a meagre budget, you can expand your options and access more sophisticated tools, and after all, nobody designed any of the best logos ever with a free logo maker. Free tools have their place, but for better results that won’t cost you a fortune, here are our top three logo makers that deliver great value for money.

Wix Logo Maker opens in new tab You don’t even need a brand name to work with if you’re using Wix’s logo maker; it has an online business name generator that’ll come up with the goods for you. Once it’s gathered information about your business and visual preferences it’ll give you a logo that you can edit and then download.

Canva Logo Maker opens in new tab Canva’s a popular free design destination for novice users, and it offers a great logo maker. Its paid plans give you loads of options and features, but its free tier is highly usable, and lets you download high-res logos without any issues. Tailor Brands opens in new tab Free logo maker Tailor Brands makes it quick and easy to come up with a suitable logo for just about any business.

It takes you through various options, allowing you to decide which designs you like and which you don’t.

Then you can buy your logo in just a few clicks. With Wix you get two options for creating a logo online: firstly you get the option to hire an actual designer who’ll do the work for you, which really ought to be the solution you go for if you’re serious about branding for your business. But if you’re here for one of the best free logo makers which we assume you are , Wix has one of those, too. It’ll ask you for the name of your brand and if you don’t have a name yet, Wix even has an online business name generator opens in new tab and what you do, then it quizzes you on your personal style so that it can provide you with a fitting selection of colours, fonts and icons.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be presented with your own custom logo that you can then edit until it looks exactly the way you want.

When you’re done you can download image files so that you can use your logo design wherever you want, though note that you’ll have to pay if you want more than a very low-res version. When we tested it, we found that the Wix logo maker offered a good middle ground between simplicity and a decent level of customisation, with a clean, easy-to-use interface, but with flexible customisation options.

See our full Wix Logo maker review for more details. Canva provides a comprehensive online design suite that does much more than logos, but that said, if you need one of the best free logo makers around then its Logo Maker is one of our top choices.

It’s nice and easy to use; it’ll ask you a few questions about your company before presenting you with some templates. Once you’ve picked a few that appeal to you, it’ll generate a design that you can then customise with Canva’s own tools.

When we tested, we found there are plenty of free elements to play with; if you need more choice you can pay to use a larger selection of premium elements. You’ll likely find more than enough to get something good going in the free tier: the only thing you’ll likely miss is the fact that you can’t make a logo with a transparent background in the free tier.

That’s one you have to fork out for. See our full Canva review for more information. Can’t be bothered scrolling through a load of templates when you’re looking for the ideal logo for your brand? Tailor Brands’ Logo Maker makes things a lot easier with an AI-powered system that makes the process a lot less haphazard; it’ll ask you for your business’s name and what it does, then get you to decide whether you want an icon, text or initial-based logo, then it’ll try to pin down the sort of design style you want by asking you to choose between a few options.

With all that information to hand it goes to work on creating a logo that you can then customise if you want; when you’re happy with it you can download a low-resolution for free, or pay for high-resolution files. Bear in mind that the free file you get really is small: pixels along its longest edge. It’ll do for an appstore or a small website badge, but if you need anything larger then you’ll need to open your wallet. Still, if you do decide to upgrade, Tailor Brands can become a one-stop-shop to start and run your business, offering a platform that can also create merchandise, business cards and social media templates.

It can also help you set up your own little corner of the web with an online store or website, web hosting, a business mailbox and more. We found customisation options are limited and thought the designs won’t be winning any awards, but it gets the job done quickly and easily. See our full Tailor Brands review for more details.

If ease of use is your priority when you’re after one of the best free logo makers, Shopify’s Hatchful is one you should definitely check out. It’s easy to get started: provide it with facts about the business you’re creating the logo for, pick a logo style that looks good to you and specify how you’ll be using it, then you’ll be presented with loads of options to look at.

Once you’ve found one that hits the spot, you can adjust the font, palette, icon and layout until everything’s just right. The amount you can customise each template can be pretty limited, however, and varies considerably. Our advice would be to spend time finding a template that’s as close as possible to what you want from the get-go, rather than trying to extensively edit an existing one.

Next, export your logo in all the forms you’re likely to need. Within a few minutes, a folder arrives in your email inbox.

It contains your logo in loads of different sizes and aspect ratios, already optimised for different uses like Twitter banner or Facebook cover, and with a transparent PNG thrown in for good measure. While it’s nice to have a load of ready-made options to choose from, if you’d prefer to do everything yourself then Ucraft’s Logo Maker provides you with the tools you’ll need.

Essentially it’s a very simple vector editor that gives you lots of icons that you can arrange and add to with text, shapes and colour, until you come up with the logo of your dreams. Without the hand-holding and templates of other logo makers, Ucraft does require a bit more design nous to get the most out of it. If, for instance, you had to pause reading the last paragraph to look up what a ‘vector editor’ was, then this probably isn’t the right one for you.

LogoMakr takes a similar approach to Ucraft’s Logo Maker, enabling you to get on with it yourself using basic vector tools. It’s one of the more hands-on options among the best free logo makers, and with a friendly and intuitive front end, not to mention more fonts and other tools than Ucraft’s option, it’s a strong choice; we’d like it even more if it allowed you to use gradients as well as flat fills, but you can’t have everything.

Again it’s a matter of finding a suitable icon and bringing in all the text and shape elements you need to build your logo design; and again, it’s one where the free tier only nets you a fairly small version.

Want to keep your options open when you’re choosing one of the best free logo makers? DesignEvo’s Free Logo Maker lets you work however you want; there are over 6, templates that you can browse if you want to a head start on your design, but if you’re set on going it alone you can start from scratch too, with a blank layout and build a logo using symbols, shapes and fonts.

Here’s another of the best free logo makers that’ll do most of the hard work for you. MarkMaker takes an approach that you should be familiar with by now: it’ll ask you for a company name and optionally what kind of business it’s in and then start generating logo suggestions.

Click on the ones that take your fancy, and it’ll give you more options influenced by your choices. Keep on scrolling and clicking until something crops up that you love. It might take a little while; a fair few of the designs it supplies tend to be on the basic side. But the good news is that once you’ve got a good one, you can hit the edit button to fine-tune it; there are loads of options and sliders to play with until you hit that sweet spot.

This done, you can download your logo as a PNG or SVG; both are free, but you can throw in a little donation if you like. There are some completely free logo makers, and Canva Logo Maker is widely regarded to be the best totally free logo maker around. It features good templates, it’s easy to customise and you can upload and save bespoke and self-created icons. The short answer is, yes. Our list features some reputable free logo makers such as Wix, Ucraft and Canva. All of these are excellent and can be used for commercial and hobbyists purposes.

This would be Adobe Illustrator but it’s not free. However, you can get a free seven day trial of Adobe Illustrator. Wix Logo Designer is considered the best free Adobe Illustrator alternative.

When looking for a top free logo maker, ask yourself some key questions and see if the features and process of the logo maker match what you need. Some good questions are:. Join now for unlimited access. Jim McCauley is a writer, performer and cat-wrangler who started writing professionally way back in on PC Format magazine, and has been covering technology-related subjects ever since, whether it’s hardware, software or videogames. A chance call in led to Jim taking charge of Computer Arts’ website and developing an interest in the world of graphic design, and eventually led to a move over to the freshly-launched Creative Bloq in Jim now works as a freelance writer for sites including Creative Bloq, T3 and PetsRadar, specialising in design, technology, wellness and cats, while doing the occasional pantomime and street performance in Bath and designing posters for a local drama group on the side.

Sign in View Profile Sign out. View Deal opens in new tab. Wix Logo Maker. Reasons to avoid – Free logo very low-res — you’ll have to pay for usable files. Canva Logo Maker. Reasons to avoid – Transparent backgrounds not free. Tailor Brands Logo Maker. Reasons to avoid – Only px PNG is free.

Reasons to avoid – Limited template customisation. Ucraft Logo Maker. Reasons to avoid – No templates or AI. Reasons to avoid – Max free size is px. DesignEvo Free Logo Maker. Reasons to avoid – Designs are a little basic. Join now. Join now Already have an account?


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Logaster. Logaster is one of the best free logo design software for your business. JetA Logo Creator.


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