New TIDAL Steaming Issues with – Tidal – Audirvana – First steps

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Hello bobbmd , have you checked this settings in the Sort Criteria section in your Audirvana settings? Damien3 thank you never used that! Do I do it in ascending or descending order? I would like oldest first down to newest— there are tracks in that GD chronology playlist do I have to specify what playlist? Thank you again for your rapid reply and suggestion bobbmd.

Second, you can try sorting via Year, but I rarely find that streaming tracks have that field filled in. Alternatively, you can try sorting via Release Date. Unfortunately, that is only the date that the album was released and might not be accurate for your purposes.

Third, if none of the above work, I suggest you not select Sort Streaming Owned Playlists, and then manually sort the playlist to your liking. Yeah, 2, tracks. I get it; that stinks. BTW Professor if you are interested i downloaded from archives. Thanks for the help too much work for a guy with too little patience too few patients also cfo says i have too time on my hands bobbmd.

Several things: First, the Sort Criteria settings are universal and will affect all your playlists.



New TIDAL Steaming Issues with – Tidal – Audirvana

Jan 20,  · Hello @randy, The TIDAL 3 months free trial voucher is meant for trying TIDAL by creating a new account. It is not valid for existing accounts. To use your TIDAL voucher, you go to the Streaming page of Audirvana preferences. There you click on the “Get it” button. This retrieves your voucher. Next step is to create your new TIDAL account. First steps. 1. Download and launch audirvāna studio. If you have not yet started your free trial of Audirvāna Studio, you can try the application for free here. When you register to start your Day Free Trial, you receive an e-mail to activate your account with a temporary password and a button to download Audirvāna Studio. Jan 09,  · @Damien3/@anyonelse: I just created a playlist entitled “Grateful Dead,Complete Live Chronology” from a post from the forum “music downloads and streaming” on Computer Audiophile/ Audiophile Style site entitled “TIDAL playlist share” post #12 of nov 14 by Temporal_Dissident of ‘Grateful Dead, Complete Live Chronology’ from.


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